viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

6.3 G5


Destination, a word an expectation.
I really think that the most beautiful part of a trip is moving from one place to another.
 I traveled a lot, sometimes I was tired and I fell asleep, but other times I remember me watching through the window the world that was passing by, it was like a film.
When you travel, you go through the unexpected , but the hope to fulfill our expectations , guides us ahead where is the light .
I remember the feeling that hopes the travel never ends, sometimes it’s  because you haven´t slept a lot and you feel tired to stand up and move out to the next gate ; another time it’s because you’re still thinking about your destination , and when it comes you do not feel ready .
When someone expects you, you just can’t wait to go down that damn train or plane or whatever .
I remember when you feel the pressure of someone that is calling you , and all you want to do it’s just break all the border to get out of “traveler area” .
But I also remember something that ruins you these unique moments .
I remember the bad train station , where all you HAVE TO DO is just take care of your things , or someone might stole them . I remember how ugly it was, how cold. It can´t be true that the place you can´t wait to go to is that ugly or cold.
What is your destination , is that dark ? Does this kinds of worries , feelings , thoughts , ruins you’re first memory of your destination ?
Is it right to ruin a special moment like this? Is it right for the destionation itself? 
The place where we arrive it’s the first contact to a new reality . A door half open , that gives you a hint of the possibility right ahead of the border .
Take a deep breath , you are entering in something new , it might be a city , but for sure it’s something where you’re going to create memories and bonds .
Do you remember your expectation ? Do you remember what you were thinking about your destination ?
But now here we are! We are arriving and what? Are you prepared? Are you sure you’re seeing the city you were imagining, by seeing “this”? I only trust in what I see and hear.
Is that the sound of another crowded city or it’s you Marseille.
 What are you Marseille? What is your sound? What is the sound of the ancient city opened to the big and blue Mediterranean sea, that led  to Africa and Greece? 
Where is the sound of all the people that were ready to board on a ship to see the rest of the world behind the sea ?
There´s really no way to reach your voice Marseille?
I know you still have it, and I´m here to find it for you...

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