domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

10. NUEVOS DIBUJOS. Halit Tanrıtanır

The project is located in Porte d'Aix where located strategically between train station, city port andcross roads.
Area has a problem of immigrant roms. They are staying in that area illeaglly but they don't have house so they don't have a choice. And police want to get them out because they disturbing neighbours but they don't want to leave that area.

 I'm going to build  that area in trees little tree houses to sleep this way police can't force them to leave and it's they have better opportunity to stay. Material of houses are cheap, easy to find, light weight and mostly recylable. Main material of houses are card bord but for rain it has an open-close tent. iIt can be easily build a tree's main branchs

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